The Road to Getting Published

Copy-editing & Proofreading

A key component toward your book’s success, thorough editing and proofreading keeps your readers engaged by not diverting their attention with grammatical errors and plot inconsistencies. Our editors will make sure your writing is up to the standards your audience deserves.

Typesetting & eBook Conversion

We will format and transform your manuscript into a finished book, complete with page and cover design. Our artists will create  illustrations and give your entire work a professional layout. Once your printed book is complete, we will also convert the title into a digital publication, commonly referred to as an “eBook”.

Marketing & Publicity

Our publicity campaigns ensure deep market penetration so that everyone hears about your new title. We know the right steps to get your book in front of its intended audience. We get the word out through press release distribution, radio interviews, video trailers, online promotion, and more!

Distribution & Royalty Management

When you are a Page Publishing author, you need not worry about the logistics of providing book stores with fresh copies of your book. We ensure that every order placed is fulfilled immediately and we track each sale to make sure you receive every penny that you are due!

  • pub-coord

    Publication Coordinator

    A publication coordinator will be assigned to you and will work with you throughout the process...
  • full-copy-edit

    Full-Copy Edit

    There is no substitute for the fresh perspective, experience, and insight a professional editor adds...
  • page-design

    Page Design

    Our artists will take your finished manuscript and create a book interior ready for print.  They...
  • cover-art

    Cover Design

    A designated cover artist will produce a distinct, premium cover design based on your input for...
  • barcode

    ISBN and Barcode

    An ISBN (International Standard Book Number) is the long and intricate string of numbers on the...
  • printed-book

    Your Printed Book

    Your professionally printed book will have a glossy full color cover and “perfect” binding. Several copies...
  • e-book

    Conversion to eBook formats

    eBooks are made up of flowing text that adjusts based on the screen or device the...
  • distribution


    We provide distribution of your printed book to retailers nationwide, and of your eBook world-wide through...
  • publicity


    Your publicity team will utilize information from your About the Author (ATA), as well as your...
  • webpage

    Custom Author Web Page

    We will create a customized author web page based on you and your book. This page...