What the Night Brings

Samantha Miller never considered herself an “attractive” woman, especially being surrounded by models at work. After being “claimed” by a vampire in this erotic thriller, she finds that she does have something to offer. As Sam tries to find the balance between the world of fashion she loves and her new and dark supernatural life, she struggles to discover the powers that lie within, ready for anything life and love have to throw at her.

From the Author:
“For as long as I could put a pen to paper, I’ve been a writer. I wrote my first novel at the age of thirteen. I would get home from school, type up a few pages or a chapter, and bring it in the next morning. My friends would argue over who got to read the next part of the story first. There is nothing to compare with the feeling of happiness I had knowing someone was eager to read my story.

I was inspired by too many books, movies, and tales of terror told around a campfire to possibly list any individually. For the most part, What the Night Brings seemed to write itself. Once the general ideas formed, the characters came to life, and I felt more like an observer, watching them live out their lives and taking notes.

I never stop writing. Poems, songs, stories, anything, any time inspiration hits. It’s a great blessing in my life, and as natural to me as breathing. For those of you who choose to read my story, I thank you most wholeheartedly, and truly hope you like it.”

-Pamela Kelley

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