Venturing Out

An Adventure in Commercial Salmon Fishing Through the Eyes of a Deckhand.

Have you ever thought of giving up your current life to follow a dream? Author Kevin J. McGinnis recounts his adventures of leaving his life behind in the big city of Sacramento to move to the small down of Albion with his girlfriend, to follow his dream of becoming a commercial fisherman. At the age of 32, McGinnis was hired as a deckhand for one of the best fisherman in Noyo Harbor, Fort Bragg, and spent nine days at sea learning the ropes and being put to the test. Every day the ocean taught him life lessons, from learning where to find the best fish and waiting patiently for fish, to dealing with sharks, storms, and freighters in the fog. It is a remarkable true story of daily life of a commercial fisherman at sea.

Look for the second in the series, coming soon, “Venturing Out II, The Second Trip.”

-Kevin J. McGinnis

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