Val A Man Amongst Men

“A man amongst men” describes Valentine Raphael McCabe best. He lived a life witnessing the early twentieth century historical events. In a way, through his job at Wright Aeronautical Corporation during World War II, he had his fair share of the Allies’s victory.
Born in Manhattan, he grew up in a devout Catholic and close-knit family. J.W. McCabe Co., Inc., a famous photo mount company in New York in the early 1900s, was owned by his Uncle Jim, and he worked there as a boy to earn his keep after his mom died. As a young man, he demonstrated his knack and skill in electromechanical which will ultimately lead him to Wright Aeronautical Corporation and later on to Ford Motor Company in Michigan.
His seventy-one amazing years on earth are told by his sons, Bill and Bob, with bits and pieces of history along the way.
Witness a man’s life surrounded with family love, history, and the now-seldom-seen values and culture of the good old times.

-Robert F. McCabe Sr.

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