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Ups and Downs

At 17, Ruby Cassidy is 5 foot 11 and 250 pounds. High school, it goes without saying, is hell – especially because she hasn’t talked to her crush, the attractive, tattooed quarterback Nick Guard, since the seventh grade.
Although they used to be best friends when they were little kids, now he only pays attention to pretty, popular girls like the mean cheerleader Gabby. So Ruby keeps herself busy by hanging out with her best girlfriend KK and her pal Jessie, a like-minded metal head whom she loves like a brother but who, lately, has been acting a little weird around her. She also focuses on her dream of spending a year abroad in Ireland after graduation and finally getting out of small town Georgia, where she just doesn’t fit in. That is, until a chance meeting with Nick leads to a whirlwind weekend that changes everything
Ruby thought she knew about herself – and about him. But what will happen in school on Monday? Is it all just a joke for the popular crowd?

-Shannon Ranow

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