Until Tonight

Everyone has a secret to hide, even if they don’t know what it is…

Keely is a veterinarian who always seems too busy to let anyone get too close to her. Although she seems to get along with everyone from her furry patients to her over-caffeinated coworkers, Keely spends most of her time alone.
It isn’t until Police Officer Garrett Murphy arrests her heart against her will that Keely can even imagine letting someone else into her life. She finds herself in a whirlwind of emotions, losing sleep and her sense of self as she and Garrett grow closer. But in addition to her confused heart, there’s something dark from her past in the back of her mind that won’t allow Keely to get too comfortable with falling in love.
Unsure as to whether it is better to follow her heart, or to let her fears get the best of her, Keely must decide if she’s going to let Garrett into her life or if the voices calling from her past will keep her alone. Keely doesn’t remember what past event hardened her heart, until tonight…

-Krista McCoy

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