The Sullen Mist

The Sullen Mist is a powerful collection of poetry that captures the rawness of human existence without holding anything back. Stemming from personal experiences, the author gives readers a unique perspective on the hardships of intimacy, the social pressures of culture and the underlying conditions of humanity.

From love to lust to personal and financial failure, Gabby Baba creates a vivid platform of insightful imagination on how we as people continuously mask our true identities through superficial egos that inevitably make us destructive in relationships and in society.
Through poetic language, the author challenges us to face our insecurities in order to generate an authentic self in hopes to gain strength through the acts of accountability and forgiveness. While exposing emotional transformation through sexuality and vulnerability, Gabby Baba grabs our attention with heartwrenching expression that can only be unveiled from the depths of the human soul. The Sullen Mist invites us to escape the narrowness of modern day reality while revealing the darkness of our psyches filled with fear and uncertainty projecting utter significance that keeps us always wanting more.

- Gabby Baba

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