Soshal Scientz

A Satirical Silly Novella in Collection with Absurd, Eccentric and Weird Short Stories

Soshal Scientz, the book title novella and centerpiece of this collection, asks the controversial question: Did amateur anthropologist M. Nimferd Brattlesh really discover the legendary and probably mythological long-lost original aborigines of the American Southwest or not? That outlandish question, and even more outrageous variety of opinions on the subject, comprises the ten-part exploration of this most embarrassing contemplation of
amateur anthropology’s already crumbling history. Surrounding this narrative are stories of an overlooked revision of the fi rst book of Genesis, eccentric and absurd situations encountered by numerous characters in search of some much-needed respite from the human condition, and satires and/or parodies that cover some of the visual and literary arts. Any reader seeking profound insights through fi ction and varied tales of lives lived upward or downward is encouraged to look elsewhere. Stories with titles such as Casseroles, Mrs. Probler’s Fesslem, Homer Kiam’s Rubber Rat, Myrtle’s Organic Birds, and Woman With 3-Leg Dog should never be expected to convey any insight or even a single clever sentence as a reward. Other than that, what more needs to be said?

-Richard L. Vaughn

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