Something for Everyone

People go through life thinking they are alone, no one understands what they are going through. Some may feel they have no one to talk to without being judged or looked down on. People need to know that there is hope, that they are not the only ones with issues. We hide in a shell, afraid to show our hurt, our despair, our pain, our lack of faith and focus on life. Inside this book is something for everyone. A word of encouragement, a ray of hope, soothing words to bring inner peace to those troubled. Our inner sanctum cannot be seen. No one knows what’s going on within us and sometimes we ourselves don’t know how to explain it. Inside are poems that can relate and even inspire the inner you to open up and express that which you find so hard to say. After reading this book, you will want to share with others, knowing there is something in it for them as well. There are many helpful books on the market, this one targets where we need it most…The Heart, The Soul, The Mind.

- Gobbie Mazo

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