She vs. Me

Imagine a hot, passionate, full-blooded woman right in the palm of your hands, opening herself up to you. What more can you ask for? What more could you want? Poetry can open doors. This one opens doors, windows, and more! A collection of eye openers, this piece most certainly gets the adrenaline rushing into your head. Yes, gone are the typical ways to poetry. You do not want to get stuck in the old times, do you? You are a modern individual. Keep up. Spare some time for an experience you are unlikely to forget. Come on and start reading. As you flip the pages, you’d feel how it beckons to you, how it invites you. Just like a moth to a flame, you’ll find yourself drawn closer and closer. Give in. You know you want this. You know you want a piece of her. You know you want more.

-T. Denise Mitchell

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