Scarecrows and How They Came to Be

Farmer Jones lives on a farm with lots of things to look after. Even with the help he gets from his wife, his four children, and their four barn cats, pesky crows come and eat the Farmer’s crops! This problem becomes just too much to handle until Farmer and Mrs. Jones finally come up with an idea that will alter the way farmers deal with those annoying crows!

When they realize that crows are scared by people, but that there is no way to get a person to stand outside all day, Farmer Jones and his wife devise a plan to keep the crows at bay.
With some broomsticks, old clothes, and some hay, Farmer Jones creates some boy scarecrows and girl scarecrows that he puts up around his farm.
But when no one’s around, a magical Praying Mantis lands on the sleeve of a scarecrow and things change for scarecrows forever!

-Susan M. May, Stephen R. May

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