Rugged American Spirit

The Fight for Freedom

In Steven’s very own words, “Stepping on some very powerful toes is dangerous.” Contrary to that, though, Steven battles injustice. Courageous is an apt description of his journey. Steven tells an inspiring true-to-life story of how one man and his wife, seemingly specks in the myriad of power and authority, stand for their rights, and against all odds, fight for justice. He depicts the rugged American spirit as onward he charges to the foregrounds of a war he waged for freedom, freedom from inequality. Discover how he goes to great lengths in order to win. Feel the rugged American spirit as it emanates from every chapter, and see if it can move you to do the same.

-Steven W. Lunsford

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Connersville News Examiner article: “Fighting for Freedom”

Photographs from Steven’s book signing!