Of Darkest Valor

Varkuvia, ruled by five powerful kings, is the richest, most powerful kingdom in the land. For centuries they have been protected by the Order of Acrium, the greatest fighting force known in the history of men. Many have tried to invade the land, but since the order has been formed, they had not lost a single battle.
However, the four lords of the city-states of the mountainous terrain of the east have formed an alliance, secretly brewing a plan to overthrow this kingdom. Unscrupulously, and with unconscionable manipulation, the Order is disbanded. On the eastern side, the Legion of the Rising Sun is created, modeled around the Order of Acrium. But whereas the Order is famed for its codes of honor, the Legion is known for its brutality.
And thus the Legion and the four treacherous lords kindle the fires of war, spreading the flames to the impregnable city of Karalis.
Trystan, a member of the disbanded Order of Acrium, is thrown in the midst of war. By his honor as a member, he takes up arms to save the city of Karalis, its people, and his friends. But in every corner lurks darkness, lies, and danger; and Trystan must find it within himself to see the light of hope.

This tale of power, lust, and deceit will take you into the vast kingdom of Varkuvia, into the lives of the kings, and into the life of one man who became a kingdom’s hero. A man who has finally come to fully understand the meaning of darkest valor—to always uphold the peace, protect the weak, and vanquish the wicked.

-Tom Cifichiello

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