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Life, Living, and Death

Experience the true meaning of life, death, and love through a whole new perspective.
A collection of poems that surpasses age, gender, and race, Life, Living, and Death: A Poet’s Perspective will stimulate your interest. Amidst the diverse adversity, Rice’s collection will bridge understanding to the readers regarding each individual’s life experience. As you read through each poem, you will realize that each person may go through different struggles. But as each difficulty is experienced, it is necessary to keep your hopes high, have the right amount of stamina, perseverance, and courage to be able to overcome life’s most difficult situations.
Life, Living, and Death: A Poet’s Perspective will definitely keep you hooked and engaged with its unique, inspiring, and fun poems that are truly meant for everyone. This collection will let you create vivid pictures in your imagination, engage, and mesmerize you as you relate to your life’s story.

-Arthurine Rice

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