Left-y Scissors and Knock-y Shoes and Other Fun Stories

Melanie Fletter was a quirky, intelligent, compassion young woman. This book is a testament of a mother’s love for her daughter. Told through Melanie’s diary entries and poems, along with recounted memories of friends and family members, the story of Melanie’s growth from a sweet young girl with ‘knocky’ shoes to a vibrant young woman is heartwarming and rich. Although Melanie faced a life marred by the terrifyingly common disease of epilepsy, she explored the world around her, discovering love, fighting with her parents and making amends, and struggling through the awkward teenage years. In one poignant snippet of foreshadowing, Melanie writes her own eulogy for an honors English class in school. This emotionally touching excerpt tells her life’s dreams and accomplishments: “Melanie met many friends, with her natural open heart, straightforward attitude, and friendly smile. She knew what she wanted, and she went after it with a positive attitude.”

-Joy Fletter

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