Just a Bug on the Windshield of Life

Life’s experiences mold our character and shape us for the adult we eventually become. All too often we take our growing-up (younger) years for granted and generally mark the “sweet sixteen” age as a benchmark from which we not only start driving but that’s usually as far back as we recall. “Just A Bug On The Windshield Of Life” explores the adventures of a child (Jim Rudd) at a very young age and through many decades. A simpler way of life was enjoyed, one that built upon the imagination without television, video games, cell phones, calculators, etc. We knew our neighbors, raised gardens, had picnics on blankets, family reunions and conversations while sitting on porch swings.
A comparative scenario is made with a bug, a car’s windshield, the windshield wiper and how we potentially fit into one of these three descriptions. As years pass the scenario changes and we start growing up, having various adventures, stress and challenges. We’re then repositioned from the original scenario. No matter where you might relate and picture yourself within the book, as you relive your own life’s experiences, the thrill of childhood and growing up can be felt throughout the book.
When you read about the various character descriptions of family members and then on to the many stories and explorations which are told, you are drawn in to the next story and then the next. You soon realize that this is not only a book about some of the life events of Jim Rudd but it’s also a description of how God works in our lives to mold us and offer us an opportunity to become one of His children.
Two hundred seven various stories are told in the twenty chapters. Each story is a footstep in the life of the author.
It’s fun to read, laugh and enjoy a simpler period in time. It’s also easy to realize and recall how you too had similar events that helped you to become what you are today.
The various sketches seen throughout the book offer visual references that bring life to the many stories. Spend some time not only reading the text but studying the various sketches. You will see adventure and action in every sketch as your imagination brings them to life.
The original concept of this book was to leave a legacy for my children, grandchildren and the generations that follow. Others encouraged me to make this book available for the general public to enjoy. With that in mind, I offer this book with a hope of personally meeting each and every one that read and liked this book. I may have to wait until heaven for this wish to come true. God bless you for reading my book.

-James Rudd

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