John Phoenix

Imagine… having to sacrifice your life so that an Angel can emerge and save the life of a stranger. But once The Angel’s purpose is fulfilled you are brought back to life from the flaming ashes of The Angel’s remains like a Phoenix. And to top it all off you remember every vivid horrible detail of each death experience EVERY time it happens. No matter where you run; where ever you try to hide, the hand of the Divine or Fate continue to make you run into the chosen souls to be saved over and over again so you can’t escape it.

This is the story of a young man continuously manipulated by the hand of God as told through the eyes of one of the chosen souls he saves. And how the reality of Heaven and Hell make their presence known in her life as well- while she is captivated by the things she sees; getting deeper and deeper involved with her unwilling rescuer. Witness her chronicle of her fateful encounter with JOHN PHOENIX.

- G. Wesley Jamison

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