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A Long Way from Home Down Under

During the American Revolutionary War there were many heroes, and yet many more unsung and forgotten. One such story is that of Jocko Graves who was a son of a free black man and while Jocko was too young to join the American Revolutionary Army, he did so anyway. However, most of Jocko’s history and legacy remain shrouded in mystery as one of the only records left of him are that of little black statues of a black boy holding a lantern found on many white folk’s lawns.
Jocko a Long Way from Home Down Under explores the shrouded past of Jocko Graves, while trying to shift through what is fact and what has become myth. The book follows the trail of evidence followed by Waymon LeFall as he goes on a quest to find out if Jocko Graves is actually the first African-American child hero, or if the legends are just merely that—legends.

-Waymon Lefall

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New Book Explores the Story of Jocko Graves — An Unsung and Forgotten African American Child Hero