Indulge In Me

Poetry is the language of love and few poets have captured this true nature of poetry as well as Meatric.
Indulge in Me is a collection of poetry whose words come from the heart and delivers the message straight to your heart. Dealing with lust, passion, loss, desire, and adoration, Indulge in Me brings the reader along from the ride on the emotional roller coaster that only Meatric could create.
For the first time, Meatric’s poetry is combined into one book where a reader can turn to seek companionship in their times of solitude, as well as hope in their times of need. Indulge in Me features poems that are so insightful, that readers will wonder whether or not Meatric has been a part of their love life.
Indulge yourself in Indulge in Me and let the language of love sweep you off your feet.


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