If They Didn’t Talk to Daddy

If They Didn’t Talk To Daddy is the story of Lanell, Victoria, Adrianna and O Kyle, the victims of their father’s warped and brutal misogyny. Although outwardly happy and prosperous, with a stable home life, behind closed doors, the Kyles were a family plagued by abusive marriages and imbalanced power dynamics between husband and wife.
It all began when O was sixteen. Adrianna, the snoop of the family and the novel’s narrator, notices her father started disappearing with O for long stretches of time. Her curiosity about their “special relationship” grows all the more insatiable when O’s newlywed wife, Debbie, turns from a vivacious, excitable young woman into something more resembling a ghost after their marriage. Adrianna suspects something sinister, and when her intuitions prove correct, the mystery of how this otherwise happy family could be so torn up inside begins to unravel.
If They Didn’t Talk To Daddy also tells the story of Diana, a single mother who, in spite of all odds, makes it in the worlds of real estate and infant’s fashion. Diana serves as a brilliant counterpoint to the tragedy of the Kyles, proving that true happiness is possible on one’s own. Told in an accessible, rhythmic vernacular, this novel will shock, dismay and delight readers in ways they will never forget.

-Markia Marlene

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