A Love Story

Four things that will change your life if you will let them

Ricky shares a love story from which he learned four things that changed his life. He shares his love story with God. When everything in his life seemed to be falling apart—a divorce, another failed relationship, a floundering business—and what seemed to be the easiest way out is to just end it all, God intervenes and makes his presence felt, and Ricky is born again. God becomes someone in his life, and everything seems new to him even though his circumstances remained the same: same routine, same difficulties, same challenges. Yet in the midst of these ordinary events, his love story with God was unfolding, and God was teaching him the four things that would change his life. God wanted Ricky to keep his eyes on him, to trust him more, to have a mountain-moving faith, and to just remain still. And God wanted Ricky to practice this so he could experience his supernatural favors in everyday life: through an unexpected phone call, a soaring hawk, a new little dog, an ordinary customer, a storm, a stranger, a four-leaf clover. Truly love changes everything and everything speaks of the lover to the beloved. And as the journey continues, things could only get better.

-Ricky Powers

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