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Congratulations to Stephanie Keegan for a successful book signing event!

Stephanie Keegan, author of No Head Fred Said: Stay Safe, recently held a successful book signing event at her local Barnes & Noble on December 3, 2017.

Feel free to check out the below images from her event!

Congratulations, Stephanie!

Congratulations to Lauren Dragon for being a finalist for Best Childrens Picture Book!

Today it was announced that Lauren Dragon’s book Sally the Crab was one of the winners in a national book competition! Each year they announce one top winner in each category as well as five to seven finalists who also receive recognition. To view the full results for The 14TH Annual Best Book Awards, please visit the American Book Fest’s full listing HERE.

Congratulations to Lauren Dragon!

John Kermit Kerr Wins Fiction Book of the Year for 2017!

John Kermit Kerr was recently nominated for the 2017 Fiction Book of the Year by the Arizona Author’s Association in conjunction with the Arizona Literary Society. Their annual awards dinner was held in Phoenix, AZ on November 4, 2017, where Mr. Kerr won “Fiction Book of the Year”

Congratulations on your accomplishment!