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Yuhudi Brown: "Declassified"

Yuhudi Brown, a sommelier waiter with a second part-time job as an Uber driver; Sarah, an undocumented immigrant financier; and Jennifer, a deep-sea scuba diver scientist, join together to expose a sinister conspiracy of twenty-first-century carpetbaggers. The social order of the entire world was being challenged and rapidly declining. The conspirators sought to achieve world domination to more easily monitor and control movements of individuals by reducing the bulk of the world's population through environmental disasters by controlling the weather. Yuhudi and Jennifer saw the best in each other and overlooked the worse. They loved each others' souls inside and out, and that made them happy. But something different happened when Sarah became a part of this trio. Together, they would touch the sky —turning themselves into something few saw coming.America's nightmare and Russia's dream. Yuhudi Brown discerns the signs of the times. A generation demands a sign and after Yuhudi's disclosure, we are WOKE. The Earth was destroyed by water the first time around (Noah and the Great Flood). It will be the Fire next time unless we do something SOON about man made global warming climate change. Big Sky - Save Our Planet. YUHUDI BROWN, "DECLASSIFIED".


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