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Witness Protection?

Jacob had everything. A beautiful wife, two loving children, a nice home, and a great job working for the government, until the federal cutbacks affected him and his family. The economy had taken a dramatic change that forced the closure of many programs in the federal government. Jacob’s was one of them.

Forced to make many lifestyle changes, Jacob could not keep up with everything, and soon after losing his job, he started losing all that he had worked so hard for. Forced to move out of his home from foreclosure, his family moved in with family members.

The strain placed on him was too great, and he soon found himself living alone on the streets so that his family could stay where they were. With nothing to guide him, Jacob wandered the streets of New York. When the FBI was moving from Manhattan to Brooklyn, Jacob, rummaging through trash, came upon a computer disk he found in a box.

Since losing his job and life, this was the first thing he had that brought back all the good memories of his lost past. As a computer operator, Jacob was curious, and his curiosity took the best of him. With the help of a friend, they cracked the code on a secure disk only to reveal the contents were the FBI’s entire list of everyone in the witness protection program along with their new identities and addresses.

In Jacob’s mind, it was like finding gold. Knowing people of interest from the neighborhood, Jacob knew he could sell that information to them. Rumors of prices on certain rats’ heads were on every street in Brooklyn. This could be his chance back to his life, but it wouldn’t be easy. He had to stay ahead of the FBI and the mob both at the same time, and he had to collect the money, both placing him in danger.

His decision would test all he was made of, and he was ready to find his way back to his family at any cost.

--M. D. Minunni

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