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With A Little Help From My Friends

With a Little Help from My Friends is a magical journey for all ages, but if you're a fan of the Fab Four, it's so much more. There are 323 Song Titles carefully incorporated into the telling of the story (including many rarities, deep cuts, early tapes, demos, covers, giveaways, unreleased, bootlegs, instrumentals, etc.). Each Title appears only once in the story line, just waiting to be discovered by the reader as a fun and entertaining challenge. In addition, trying to unravel the letters in the names of the main characters, as well as many other characters (wives, girlfriends, and those thought to be the fifth Beatle member, etc.), poses another challenge to even the most skilled fan.Beyond the challenges is a story "out of this world," hoping to brighten your day and to remind you to never forget that pure Joy is inside every one of us if you just let her into your heart. This book is a well-deserved tribute to the Fab Four but, most of all, the story sparks the desire to bring love into the forefront of our lives, much like how The Beatles inspired our spirits through their music for over sixty years.So, come tag along with new friends and step inside love for a day in the life of a paperback writer.

--Carolyn Addie

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