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Whispering Heart: Part 1

Whispering Heart I is a collection of poems that will make you feel broken, hurt, and loved—poems that came straight from the whispers of a delicate heart that has journeyed far away from its soul. Therefore, "Broken" takes you into the deepest thoughts of my mind and the most vulnerable pieces in my heart. There are poems that break you into pieces to know how abuse makes a young child disappear from this world and poems that speak of rejection for defending same-sex love—a love that even Catholicism avoids to recognize and accept. The journey then takes you through "Hurt," a collection of poems in which I have felt pain caused by others, pain caused by myself, and pain witnessed by others. These poems speak of pain that has caused ongoing heartbreak due to love—a love undeserving by those who have once claimed they have conquered a heart yet forget that the conquering was never accepted or approved by its owner. Therefore, it has created a fantasy love that take the heart into an ongoing hurt cycle that never ends. Yet the journey doesn't stop there, because then comes the light only love can bring. The last stop in this journey takes you through the many stages of love, whether that is love for friends, family, lovers, or yourself. These whispers of love bring empowerment to a broken and hurting heart. They also bring a positive attitude toward love, culture, and who we are as a person, regardless of the struggles we have faced in life, thus ending the journey of the first book of its family where the roads have come to an end but continue to create new paths diverging from the old. Therefore, this makes Whispering Heart I a journey that was kept hidden for many decades but is now ready to be shown.

--Atziry Lucero

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