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Where Does the Man In The Moon Go During the Day?

Have you ever wondered where the Man In The Moon goes during the day? From the time Mr. Sun rises in the morning, until he sets in the evening, the Man In The Moon is nowhere to be seen. If we can't see Moon in the sky, does that mean he's no longer there? Is he spending time with his friends, playing sports, doing chores, making music in a band, or maybe traveling the world? Where does the Man In The Moon go all day?

About the Author

Jared grew up as the youngest of four children on his family's farm in Kentucky before moving to Tennessee after graduating from college. Though born with normal vision, he was left almost totally blind at the age of nine due to an unsuccessful surgery to remove a brain tumor. He found an interest in children's literature after writing the first version of this book for a high school English assignment. Utilizing what limited vision remains in only one eye, the treasured memories of a little boy's world before losing his sight, and his God–given talent for easily explaining how things work, Jared creates a story with his own illustrations of what might be seen through the eyes of a child.

--Jared Jackson

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