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When Snow Turned Black

This is the story of a young girl born in the Ukraine (USSR ) who lived during the brutal years and the massacre of millions of people in Ukraine by the Stalin regime. She lost her father and mother and was saved by her uncle, who became not only her protector but also her true love. She witnessed the change in the Germans, from friends before WWII to the cruelty during the invasion and occupation of Russia and their defeat. After her uncle's death, she married a young Red Army lieutenant who, after his promotion to captain, was sent with her and her daughter to northern Siberia to be one of the managing officials of a gulag (concentration camp). There she witnessed the barbarism and murder of the prisoners by the camp guards. After three years, they divorced, and with her daughter, she traveled to Moscow where she worked as a nurse for several years. She met an American businessman and, after her daughter became a world-famous opera singer, married him and immigrated to the USA. Upon his death many years later, she returned to her homeland, Ukraine.

--William T Walraven

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