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When Ninja Cry

When Ninja Cry is a fun, action-packed adventure created for pure entertainment. When four post war survivors find a renowned journalist stuck in their game trap, they have to decide what to do with her. Since they live in Voorhees, New Jersey, the only logical response to a visitor from out of town is to take her to the local mall.With the country ravaged by war, the power remains off, and the people still in America have to live off the land. But they can shop in the dark. As this newly formed family fends off scavengers, would-be shoppers, and an assortment of tourists, Skylor Gordon chronicles the fun and all the misquoted one-liners. It is clear the key to their survival is their sense of humor, but the journalist has to ask, "Is the mall the best place to raise a family? Or could they join a larger group to be a part of something better?"

--Miles Mignone

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