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What�s Behind the Makeup?

For years, Mona Lisa looked in the mirror and profusely hated the person looking back. She lived her life based upon other people’s perceptions and her negative views about herself. Following the deaths of several close friends and other life altering events, Mona Lisa began to realize her life was on the verge of ending abruptly and far too young. As a result, she began taking a truthful and in-depth inventory of how and why she lived vicariously on the brink of death.

No longer bound by fear, rejection, neglect, loneliness, heartbreak, confusion, addiction, guilt, and shame. Mona Lisa now possesses the wherewithal to see lives changed, especially women. Thus, she has opened up her soul in the pages of this book and invited readers to take a walk with her down her pathway to healing, wellness, and authentic living.

--Monalisa Gayles

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