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What Young Boys Should Be Taught and Grown Men Should Know

As I said, being in the military, I've seen so-called clean men do nasty things. My book has some stories about what could happen when one does not take the steps to keeping one's home and body clean. It also tells about an unpracticed art: being chivalrous, such as the simple thing of opening a door for a woman. I believe some men have forgotten this or were never taught. Also, there are young boys who should know these things. Believe me, these writings will make them all better men. They did for me. What I'm writing about was taught to me by my Memal and other women in my family while growing up. I have two sons. They have been and are being taught. And I have a beautiful daughter. She should know these things, thus knowing what to look for in a man.

--Randall Jackson

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