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War Within

"With heightened senses and operating within their homeland, they have the American squad at a disadvantage. Their confidence is high, yet they are humble. They know their rival is well trained and determined to fight to the death."Staff Sergeant Briar is an American soldier in a special operation who faces doubt and manipulation in a part of the world he is not supposed to be in. When he embraces a moment of clarity, his life changes forever. American society latches on to the way the media depicts the idea of treason, while a journalist, William "Bill" Johnson and his editor Carol King take a stand that evokes serious consequences. An influential political figure, Senator Cynthia Delp, plays her hand, raising suspicion over her true intentions. A rescue team is sent to recover their lost comrade but begin to crumble when unsuspected obstacles knock them off track. All the while, prying eyes loom in the shadows, striking at moments of weakness.When Sergeant Briar realizes there is more to live for than not, it leads him to stand up against his own ego. As he detaches from everything that ever weighed him down, the truth sets him free. When adversity seems to be at its peak, resiliency gains traction. An act of heroism protects the lives of others, preserving a legendary model for all to learn from.

--Dustin K Jessip

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