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Walking Away from Love

Has pain caused you to make bad choices.Pain hurts! It causes us to make choices that hurt even more or ease our suffering. Walking Away From Love is a story about two young people falling in love, but separated by a decision that brought pain to both. Their families and friends suffered because of the hurt they endured. During the separation, each one made adjustments to their life goals and the road to success. Relationships, drugs, prison, and family resources were all instrumental in the recovery process. What happens when they reunite after a thirty-year hiatus? Will the love reignite, or is the pain too difficult to overcome? How can one surmount a painful past that has stymied their growth and hijacked their future?Walking Away From Love will entertain you with a story about real love and will help address your own pain in God's way.

--Reginald W. Reser

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