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Voices Over Troubled Water

On a rainy night in March 1958, Joe as a young boy of ten years old along with his younger brother are abandoned by their mother over Troubled Water. Crying out loud with no one around to overhear him praying for help. The occasion brings about hearing unusual voices that start to play an intricate part in his life. This event haunts Joe while growing up from a boy into manhood causing him to always search for answers to why.

Certain relatives, teachers and mentors in Joe’s life begin to replace the lost love and guidance needed by a young boy to become someone worthwhile. These folks in Joe’s circle of life are quickly recognized and admired, giving him the strong footing he needs to survive. Demands are placed on his teenage lifestyle that would destroy most young adults, but Joe finds the strength to overcome the bad pathways by those same Voices Over Troubled Water.

Along Joe’s journey in life, Troubled Water shows its massive mind power at far reaching locations as he travels around the world while serving in the US Navy and the Vietnam War. He finds that there are some Troubled Waters that are finally at peace and those that are not and never will be.

A long time family secret is exposed by accident that intertwined most of his elder family members and their silence for many years. This family secret enabled Joe to find most of his long lost answers to questions that were thought to never be solved. Each and every one of these amazing stories in this memoir are true and have been experienced by the author.

--Joe Rosato

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