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Voice of the Dark

As you will see, this book is about my encounter with the Dark. I have looked into the face of Satan himself. Tragically, through all my sin, including two abortions and my complete rejection of our Lord Jesus Christ, I ultimately invited Satan and his cohorts into my soul. I know that is what they tried to do even when I was a child, but it was only through my actions that they were successful. I went through three exorcisms, and as you will see, the last one set me "free" from the grips of the Dark. Father Martin shared his account of the final exorcism with you in the "Foreword" of this book because I, myself, know that I wouldn't believe it if it weren't for his testimony. I endured years of torment, and I wanted to share my story with you, as I give Jesus Christ all the glory. He never let me go as He promises in the Bible. My childhood was very difficult as I am sure that many of you have experienced, as well. My father was a career Marine, and he truly suffered. I have shared his story with you in the book, including the complete devastation of his court-martial after fifteen years of service. I also wanted to share this with you because I believe that my experience with the evil one actually began when I was about six years old due to the many traumatic experiences I endured.I hope you will read this book as I know we all suffer in one way or another, and I hope this story will bring you to hope in the mercy of God for your life and to help you through any sufferings that you may be enduring.

--Mary Graves

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