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Vectors in History: MAIN FOCI - INDIA AND USA Volume II

History is universally understood as a story of the past. In both the volumes, history is told in stories only. There are no boring dates, as that is one singular reason for which people hate history in schools and colleges. There are no generic descriptions of the reigns of kings and queens, as no one likes monarchies any more. Each volume contains 70-80 articles, essays, but the author calls them reflections, absolutely independent of each other. They are dated; each one of them has an immediate reason to be written for. They are spun around in order to make connections with 2-3 nodes of life-most importantly making a connection with the present. If an event in the past doesn't make a connection with the present, then it is not worth digging it out. History is not a recipe book that one would refer to for finding a solution to a present problem. At the same time, those who do not learn from history are condemned to repeat it.Author's roots being deep both in India and the US, the scenarios are drawn accordingly. One of the objectives is to rekindle interest in history in general. Ironically, the US public has been losing interest in history-both contemporary and gone by eras. Whereas, Indian, especially the Hindus, are light years away from history in any shape or form. Both volumes have the same format. Taking into consideration the taste of the readers, reflections are divided into four sections.

--Satish C. Bhatnagar

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