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Unseen Hands That Lead the Way

I am a living proof that God can qualify those he calls. God can use any one that is willing and ready to be used by him. Throughout my life, he has been so faithful to me. I failed him so many times, but he never failed me once. I wanted to serve him on a broader level. So I asked my heavenly Father to please use me in the way that he knows best. I was pleasantly surprise when he suggested to write this little book, Unseen Hands That Lead the Way. His voice and guidance were so very clear to me. And his presence was so real. I have never experienced the presence of God in such a profound way as when I was writing this book. It drew me in a deeper relationship with the one that I love so very much, and that is my precious Lord Jesus. This little book means so much to me because I can share the love of God with those I don't know or will never meet this side of heaven. If I had a thousand tongue to speak with, it would still not be enough to express my gratitude for the one who left the splendor of heaven, to come to this cesspool of sin, and to save a wretch like me. Oh, how I love him so. But it is my holy and precious Jesus that loves me even more. This book is not about Pearly Stanley. It is all about the love of God for me. I pray it blesses you the same way that it blessed me.

--Pearly Stanley

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