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Unlock the Secrets to Organizing Your Mind and Your Life

Organization is much more than an orderly, tidy, or neat living space or workspace. The form of organization referred to in this book seeks to subjectively and objectively evaluate our thoughts, perspectives, and actions taken in life, in relation to obtaining an organized mind and life. There are several key elements to an organized and balanced life.This book illuminates some areas where we struggle, such as prioritization, time management, and procrastination and stagnation. Although the struggle is oftentimes real, provided herein are steps to combat the stigma associated with these areas and begin taking back order and control of our lives. If you are tired of the clock controlling your life and disorganization wreaking havoc on your goals, this book is for you. It is your life, and you have the innate power to control the way you live it.

--Nitasha Liggins

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