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Twins: One Black, One White

A mother is torn between two sons, obligated to one and committed to the other, ashamed of what a small town would find out. She had twins, one with fame and the other with hardship. She secretly and openly she loved them both.

This book is about a prejudiced town in the South and the perils Peggy and her family went through when she went outside her family and race and got pregnant by a black man in town. She did not want the town or her husband to find out she had twins, one white and one black, and the danger the twins will encounter, not knowing they were brothers.

Mr. John Boyed, JB, hated blacks and all races with a passion. He is president of the WPA, the White Power Association. He did not know his vice president's wife had gotten pregnant by a black man without her husband knowing.

--Cordell N. Matthews

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