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Tragic Boulevard

Do you feel like you're on a road spinning out of control? Are you caught in a web of doubt surrounded by a dark cloud? Have you gotten lost and needed a map to find your way out?

Through her poetry, Teresa Joiner talks about gaining it back.

A well-known, hardworking co-ed parent narrates how the trauma of divorce, broken relationships and friendships can hold you captive. She knows firsthand how easily people can lose their way in the aftermath of tragedies we face every day. Physical, emotional and sexual Abuse, suicide, illness, death, frustration, depression and anger can take you on a merry-go-round closing the doors on feeling the Spirit of Christ.

You choose your path, but life itself is in the Heavenly Father's hands. It's a journey that you don't have to go through alone. Discover yourself and restore your faith. Redemption is behind every tragic story. Break free from negativity. Only he can change your heart and mind if you seek him with all your heart.

Jeremiah 29:13

--Teresa Joiner

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