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Tones of Affection

Kai Mayers is what you would call a "cool breeze." She has always been able to effortlessly move about in her creativity, style, humor, and intelligence. Engaged to her college sweetheart, Robert, the twenty-eight-year-old Los Angeles–native has landed herself a dream job as the new creative director at Cocoa Valentine, a fashion label in Chicago and brand to be reckoned with. Strong, black, and determined, life for Kai seems to be right on schedule, at least that's what her therapist says. The pains of losing her mother and the strain of her relationship with her father have inspired her to seek the help of a professional. Preparing for not only a new change in her career and moving to the Midwest, the newest upcoming title of wife is turning her vision of wedding bells into fire alarms. She wants more than just a pretty picture. What she wants and truly desires is peace, her most fashionable garment. To Kai, mental health and beauty goes hand in hand in her complex world. She is determined to build her brand and her mental well-being, but as with everything and anything, there's a battle brewing with some of her key players. Trauma, lies, and deceit in Kai's cup begin to overflow, and her past begins to call amid the shadows. How will she set the tone for her life? When familiar faces drift into dark places, will she allow new light to guide her path? Let's take a walk in her stilettos to follow her journey.

--Hershe Sundae

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