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Tomorrow, It's Only a Vision: The Journey Continues

This continuing saga of Jack Walker's fascinating life story takes the reader inside the Chicago labor movement and civil rights street activity during the tumultuous 1960s and 1970s and the anti-Vietnam War protests. The reader will be with Walker as he associates with labor leaders, some honest and some not. Politicians and judges on the take. He introduces two mafia "juice men" who shared their daily experiences with him and two other mobsters who ran a call girl ring. His working relationship with most all the Black leaders in Chicago gives some insight into Black rage of the time. His years as a civil rights investigator will introduce a small-town mayor who claimed his school district would never integrate Whites with Negroes and a Minnesota town that went silent on why the Native American students were pulled out and returned to the reservation. His legal defenses before administrative law judges and arbitrators left landmark precedents for federal government workers. Readers will experience his ten years as a practicing alcoholic and his up-and-down life recovering to go on and become a successful real estate operator, only to lose it all in bankruptcy and foreclosure, then recover to go on living one day at a time.

--Jack Walker

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