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Tome One: Arcana Rings of Silver

Arcana, the secrets and mysteries of a land remade by Angels of Light and Darkness, remains in the tales, tomes, and relics scattered through Erilan, a war-torn continent of once-great kingdoms. Seven hundred years ago, the War of the White Crown decimated the races Galadorian, Croe, Toran, Daiman, Ur, and Daemon, and much of their history was lost. Four unlikely heroes, with secrets of their own, set out to reclaim the forgotten lore and tokens of magic that hold the hope to oppose the dark and malevolent forces that are rising to overwhelm the land once again.Ronan, Hart, Ash, and Blackthorn begin their quest to unearth the arcana their ancestors brought to bear against evils that nearly destroyed the free folk of the kingdoms, but another seeks these tokens as well for his own ends. Ban, the necromancer, covets dominion over all of Erilan. He is the Sand King, ruler of Aegis, but even now, his influence in other kingdoms threatens to achieve his dark aims.First of a trilogy, Arcana begins the saga within an epic fantasy richly detailed in history, lore, and legend. Drakespawn and Daemon Glaive conclude the cycle of the Rings of Silver, set against the backdrop of a magical, mythical land.

--John P.R Hughes

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