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Timewarp: The West Rides Again

These kids are now history!In 2019, two new stepsiblings, history-minded Jenny Newton and inventor-in-the-making Brian Hawke, move together into their new home, which once belonged to Brian's grandfather, a man who had loved to study history and make incredible, new inventions. One day, while searching their new home, Jenny and Brian stumble upon Brian's grandfather's greatest invention: a watch.However, it is no ordinary watch. After Brian puts it on, he and Jenny are inadvertently zapped back to the year 1881 in the Wild West town of Sunset Gulch. Not long after they arrive, the watch, their only way home, is broken, leaving them stranded.Fortunately, a kindly couple known as the Finers offer to take them in. As the two kids attempt to repair the watch, they become involved in the town's affairs and witness the rampage of a notorious gang of bandits and a terrifying assassin, but above all, they find themselves becoming part of a new family. It would seem they are destined for a fantastic adventure in history, and to grow stronger, smarter, tougher, and closer as they work to find their way home!

--Lance Meier

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