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Time Force

In the twenty-second century, Lance Johanneson and Peabo Bondsmith are the best of friends. They follow each other's career to a tee and befriend a feisty but compassionate female, and they become an exceptional group with strong will and futuristic endeavors. They get handpicked to begin a new breed of scientific observations of an old but exciting discovery, one that shall send them to the ends of other existences, soaring to new possible frontiers of space and time travel.Against his own judgement, Johanneson leads his people to observe this once portal of travel with a former military recruit who hates him and a brilliant female scientist who despises him and soon finds that the whole expedition turns into a mission for existence, hunting down a notorious atomic scientist whose only interest is for power beyond his imagination. This sci-fi epic puts you in a position of wanting to be there for the ride of your life, catapulting one's skepticism to heights possible to seek. Exciting and fast pace!

--Pedro Wilson

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