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Tidbit Goes Flying

Tidbit Goes Flying introduces Tidbit—a one-and-a-half-inch-tall boy—who lives high up in a grandfather clock in the front hall of the Roberts' family farm in Odessa, Delaware. Tidbit and his friends have many adventures – mostly him getting in trouble and them rescuing him. In this book, you will meet Tidbit, Christopher, Mr. Hickey, the Bitterum Bug and a conniving Muskrat. Tidbit wants to join Christopher, "the youngest in the house," as he helps the farm workers fix the dam. To get to the dam, he gets a ride from Mr. Hickey, but then puts his trust in a Muskrat to get him across the pond and has to be saved by his best friend, the Bitterum Bug, who flies a green and orange bi-wing plane. Tidbit learned that "a friend will help you when in need, but you can't trust everyone!"

--Mike Roberts

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