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Three Ways to Love: A True Sisterhood

Friendships are supposed to last a lifetime, but there are some that come and go. However, the friendship between three lifelong girlfriends—Kendall Porter, Rachel Donovan, and Sasha Fairbanks—is put to the test when things begin to unravel. The trio became fast friends in high school which led to an unbreakable sisterhood bond.

Unfortunately, after graduating college, the girls went their separate ways. Kendall put her degree to work and became the owner of a well-established publishing company, Rachel moved away in hopes of finding her dream job, while Sasha tried her hand at fashion. By chance, some unexpected news brings them back together.

Under the circumstances, Kendall finds herself in an uncomfortable position where she has to decide if it’s worth fighting for her ex Colton or moving on with a handsome new guy. After getting some devastating news, Rachel tries to be strong for the rest of the trio while trying to keep her life in order. Meanwhile, Sasha is too self-absorbed in her own little world trying to deal with a haunting past.

--Kimberly Posey Latimore

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