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Thoughts on the Genesis of the Universe, Science, and the Divine Spiritual World

This is a partial summary of the ongoing quest by mankind to understand who he is, where he came from, how he relates to what his

senses tell him about his physical and social environment. Does the continuum of change he experiences have a purpose other than what he gives it?

His methods of inquiry and observations using created instruments and experimentation have allowed him to discover some of the history of the universe since the beginning of space-time. Also, the interpretation of the earth’s history recorded in the rocks and rock structures, the history of life recorded as fossils in time rock sequences, and their relation to present day living forms and associated environments has become more clear as to man’s place in the history of space-time.

All these studies have led to a better understanding of how energy drives the forces at work that produce the ever changing present. What are changes in the future, that are believed by some, to be even more remarkable than the amazing physical changes and processes that have been observed in the history of space-time

--Thomas Bridge

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