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The World as I See It

In this small volume, Mr. Stemberger offers his unique ideas and observations from a most unusual life. His ninety years of experiences found him living in two continents, under various governments, through war and peaceful times, and at many different levels of existence…from a penniless Italian refugee to a successful American CEO.The entries are brief, deeply thoughtful, often eloquent, or even humorous in their simplicity. He has great economy of words, distilling the thought into the most concise of statements, a pithiness that invites (challenges, begs) the reader to take the kernel of thought and consider (examine, ponder) it for himself.The writing style here is that of a collection of quotations. As such, each is intended not to preach or instruct but to awaken a concept, spark a new approach, encourage a deeper perception. As mentioned in the foreword, the author would dearly love to discuss each thought with his readers. Your time spent with this work will most certainly be like the opening of such a conversation.

--Claudio A. Stemberger

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