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The Whisper of Reason

The lives of three friends are forever changed when they decide to abandon their dreams of starting a legitimate business and become involved with the criminal underworld. Impaired by overindulgences in sex, drugs and alcohol, they pursue a dangerous existence in furtherance of their criminal enterprise.

Havoc ensues as their lives spiral out of control. Murder becomes the means by which bad business is settled, and the three friends become the ruthless killers of anyone who stands in the way of their ill-conceived paths to success!

As they accumulate wealth on the fast track to becoming rich, they become targets of opportunity for any criminal element who becomes aware of their success. Now, in addition to advancing their own criminal ambitions, the three friends must also focus on protecting their ill-gotten gains, as well as their own lives. In doing so, they become more vicious and cunning than anyone, including themselves, ever thought possible.

Murder rains down upon their enemies like a late summer afternoon thunderstorm in the South Carolina Low Country. Killing becomes a way of life and the more they venture into the domain of criminality, the easier it becomes. It's no surprise when the three friends find that their exploits have attracted the attention of local, state, and federal authorities who have formed a task force aimed at taking them down.

But the end results are far worse than anyone could have imagined. In some way or another, the three friends and their adversaries all suffer wretchedly. For some, it is an ordeal that drives them into insanity. Others die quickly, while the most ill-fated suffer deaths in the most horrific ways possible. But in the end, everyone gets what they deserve. Well…maybe not everyone. It's a cruel world out there… for some folks anyway!

--Harry J Connolly III

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